Our service allows you to improve your website traffic metrics such as page views, click-through rate, lower bounce rates, higher dwell time and organic Google SERP position (Search Engine Result Page) by sending traffic to your site through the search results for your keywords. This traffic is automatically generated using real web browsers with human emulated automation. This means that the traffic are not from real humans but they will appear as human traffic. Because the traffic will appear to be from humans, you can see it in Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Based on some widely available case studies performed by Moz and WordStream, it is quite evident that  organic CTR ( Click Through Rate) is one of the most important ranking signals for ranking in SERPs. However, be aware that no SEO method or strategy is guaranteed to work. We strongly recommend that our service be augmented with other widely known methods such as backlinks and good content. As an off-site SEO technique, there is no known risk of our service. Thanks to our advanced and AI powered traffic system that ensures that it remains undetectable.

At this time, we only support global traffic with a very natural blend of quality worldwide residential, mobile and datacenter IPs. With our unique system, you will receive a well-balanced worldwide traffic from over 200 countries. Thereby making the traffic to appear very natural in Google Analytics and Search Console. At this time, please note that you cannot specify any specific geo-location for the traffic. Most of our traffic is from US and Europe.

We will need your website URL, keywords, internal pages URL, desired min and max page wait times. You can also specify your desired CTR.

Once we have received and accepted your order, we will send you an email to notify when the traffic is activated. You should start seeing traffic to your site within few minutes after the traffic activation.  We guarantee that you will see the results in your Google Analytics and Search console. As soon as we have activated the traffic flow to your website, you will be informed. We highly recommend that prior to placing your order that you setup Google Analytics code on your website to enable you track and monitor the traffic in real-time

Our service only allows 1 URL per plan or subscription. Each plan can use up to 3 keywords.

We cannot guarantee that the traffic is Adsense safe and we strongly recommend not using it for Adsense sites. As per Adsense TOS, this kind of traffic cannot be used to generate Adsense impressions. We do not click on any links while generating the traffic.

The traffic is however 100% Google Analytics safe.

Yes, we offer free 1 hour trial for 1 keyword. To request for a trial, please contact us on Skype

Yes, we accept all sites including adult sites

We employ automated organic traffic to increase your rankings on Google. The traffic will appear as real and will look like human traffic on your Google Analytics or Google Search Console. We are experts in artificial intelligence and advanced human emulation and we can guarantee that the clicks/traffic will be fully undetected as non-human traffic. Below are some of the tactics/algorithm we employ:

1.) We only utilize worldwide premium traffic/click IP sources from all countries from all geo-locations in a perfectly natural, random and balanced pattern

2.) All our traffic and clicks will orginate from multiple devices such as desktop, tablet, mobile using different operating systems and fingerprints

3.) All traffic metrics are naturally randomized such as page dwell time, random page scroll and mouse movements, random page visits etc.

4.) Keyword searches are both performed on logged in Google Search and non-logged Google Search accounts

Prices are on a plan/subscription basis until required results are obtained. This means that the subscription fee will be paid monthly until you cancel. Most of our clients usually achieve results within 1-3 months. However, due to multiple factors beyond our control, we can gurantee any specific duration.

Each plan/subscription can only be used for a maximum of 1 website. However, you may place multiple orders for different websites

  • We can also offer discounts for multiple websites. Please contact us for details

You can specify the CTR rate you require. However, note that the actual CTR you will receive may differ and will depend on the number of impressions or how many times we search for the keyword and how how times you site is clicked.. However, you can provide us with your specific parameters to suit your needs.

Simply go to our order page and fill in your information and website details. If you need to provide additional information, please send us email. You can signup here

The traffic will be delivered until the number of purchased traffic volume is reached.

At this time, we only recommend the use of Google Analytics. We will also send you a custom track code that you will need to place on your website to enable us monitor the traffic from our end if necessary.

There could be many factors that may impact your ability to see the actual traffic that was sent to your website. In most cases, improper placement of the Google Analytics code on your site may be a factor.

Yes, we accept all major cryptocurrencies and anonymous payments such as Perfect Money.

The questions that have been listed above are the ones that are most commonly asked. However, in case you feel that your questions have not been answered by the list above, you can always get in touch with us at any time and we will be more than happy to assist you

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