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Premium Automated Web Traffic

Instantly drive millions of web visits to your website or blog with our cheap and premium automated web traffic service and improve your website traffic metrics such as bounce rate, return rate, session time and increase your traffic volume.

Our unique service enables you to drive millions of visits, from hundreds of countries globally and from any devices such as desktop, mobile and tablets that you can see in Google Analytics and other popular visitor tracking systems.

Our traffic network generates millions of unique visits and page impressions monthly that you can purchase at a low cost.


Ever wondered how automated web traffic can benefit your website or blog? Below are few ways it could help:

Boost your Google SERP/Alexa Ranking: The amount of traffic a website is getting plays an important factor in ranking your website on Google or Alexa. Simply put, the larger the number of visitors to your website the better!

Improve your website traffic metrics : You can use our automated traffic to improve and fix your critical traffic metrics such as bounce rate, return rate, session duration, audience engagement etc.

Improve your page value and page views

Augment your real human traffic and boost overall web traffic volume

Stress test your website to determine the capacity of your website such as number of visitors/second that your site can handle

Increase your website popularity and ultimately lead to more real human visits and more sales and conversions

We deliver only premium automated web traffic using web automation and human emulation that can be seen in Google Analytics

Premium global traffic using high quality residential and data-center proxies. Please note that at this time, we do not offer geo-targeted traffic.

100% PPC safe as we do not click on any links. Therefore you will face no risk of ban of your PPC account

100% guaranteed that the traffic will be seen in Google Analytics and other popular visitor tracking systems

Cheap millions of traffic per month starting at approx. 2-3 million page views/month @ up to 100 visits/minute

Offers natural and healthy traffic metrics such as low bounce rate and random session duration up to 2 minutes

We accept any website including adult sites, shorteners, redirect and affiliate links

Instant deliver: once we activate the traffic, you can see all the visits going to your website

Natural traffic sources and referers: You can provide a website of your choice, a specific keyword, direct access or social media.

Free 1 hour trial with thousands of free traffic

Natural looking traffic delivered from thousands of different browsers, mobile and/or desktop

Anonymous payments accepted such as cryptocurrencies

24/7 Email/Chat customer support

Guaranteed minimum 30 seconds viewing time per visit 

High availability traffic network


Boost Google and Alexa ranking
Improve website traffic metrics
Improve page value and page views
Augment your real human traffic
Stress test your website
Increase your website popularity
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